Monday, 3 October 2016

Retinue Table: 8 Mercenaries

Rasham's Forgotten Bandits, aka "The Blotted". An irregular company of hire-swords formed of deserters, rebels and plain besmeared characters; Arthur Rasham brought them together to fight under his disgraced banner, the walking fish. Unfortunately the band is currently comprised of only eight members, as some of the deserters, have of course deserted as soon as new fighting was imminent, but the remaining fellows are a pretty tight group, a rabble joined together for a love of earning money by doing as little fighting as possible. This is partly achieved through wearing a strict uniform of grey and brick red - they look the part and appear to be a successful warband - and have indeed acquired several jobs alone through appearance and charade.  

The uniform itself was pilfered by Rasham's ex-wife, who once worked as a washer woman for the army of the Elector Count of Talabheim. The rest of the uniform is stashed in a cave ready for more possible recruits in the future. It still hasn't been washed.

So in order to stay ahead of their real reputation ("The Blotted") they must be in perpetual motion, hoping to earn coin in many far flung corners of the land. They currently find themselves in a northern territory working for a mysterious, bloated, acolyte; asked to patrol the northern bank of the River Druhx, with the only task being to challenge anyone attempting to cross the small stone bridge. Easy money, they think...

Arthur Rasham. The leader of the Blotted and once a fearsome fighter, renowned for his strength and wavy broadsword. Now he lives off reputation and a silver tongue alone, as he tries to hide the gout from which he suffers from in his right foot.

Old Bill Borthwick. Fought alongside Rasham when a younger man, but has recently developed a worrying habit of losing his weapons and forgetting simple instruction. He has been given the task of banner bearer for now.

Jim "Mustard", Rasham's new right hand man. He thinks the nickname is because he's hot with a sword, his peers know it's because he's so keen to lick the arse of the boss.

Ginge Porter. Likes to work from a distance with his trusty crossbow. Has been known to shit himself so the others aren't too worried about him being away from any possible action.

"Tripod" Smithers, retains his reputation for madness in battle, but due to him losing his leg, became a bit of a liability. Hence why he's armed with a weapon of distance. However the loss of his limb has only added more significance to his nickname, acquired from anyone who has seen him bathing.

Young Toby Clyne. Small time thief, pickpocketer and general annoyance amongst the crew. His ability to pilfer from an enemy makes them put up with him delving into their own scant possessions.

"High Born" Hosty. Always refers to the lie that he was born into money (he believes the lie he was told) and assumes that he should be better off than he is. He takes it out on any enemy who looks wealthy, trying to bring them down to his level with a bloody blow to the head.

"Bright Eyed" Bill Watts. Last Saturday, retreating as quickly as he could through the thick mud, from an enemy he hadn't even got close enough to see, Bill stumbled face first and nicked his forehead with his own spear. Thankfully none of the other lads had seen so his story quickly became one of how he had narrowly dodged an incoming arrow. No one believed him, his cowardly reputation and shitty lying preceded him.

And a close up of the freehand banner, prior to weathering from the Tamiya Mudstick.

So 8 Mercenaries for my Retinue Challenge; only a few more entries until I can call this Lost and the Damned project finished; 3 minotaurs, 3 harpies and 8 skaven to go....

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