Friday, 27 November 2020

2 Chariots of Nurgle - 500pts

 The Warriors of Chaos who follow Nurgle are more inclined than other Champions to ride Chariots. This is partly because carts and wagons form the Nurgle cavalcade, and chariots give an appropriate sense of pageantry. Another reason may be that Champions of Nurgle often pick up uncomfortable debilitating diseases which make it difficult to walk or ride a horse. Chariots are often larger and more like wagons or carts than those associated with other Powers. Chariots may carry banners, flags or other decorative features and may have additional non-combatant crew such as Nurglings....

Straight out of the Lost and the Damned and a nice bit of writing to create a context for me to make my own Chariots of Nurgle. I chose a couple of obese and mutated, plastic Nurgle characters to ride my chariots, thinking these figures would find it hard to slog on foot or mount a horse and I deliberately chose a plague cart as one of the vehicles to match the description in the above caption. Hence why there is also a fair amount of decoration on the chariot itself. The non-combatant crew for me are a couple of Chaos Dwarf drivers (one of whom is on a step to be able to see out of the chariot!) as I recall reading somewhere that they were often pursuaded to do so. 

The draught animals are quite the mixture for each chariot. Below is made of a Gorkamorka mutant steed and I have added a skeletal head and painted it in a zebra scheme. The Gorkamorka head has been transferred to the plastic steed and a reptilian tail too, to keep the scaly texture.

The Chariot itself is modified slightly, an old Orc Man-Mangler facial emblem has been added at the front (a nice hefty chunk of lead on an otherwise plastic model) and I went to town on the weathering with Astrogranite applied to the bare plastic prior to undercoating to create a rusty texture before the appropriate rusty oranges and brown colours were washed on. The metallic scratching you can see in places was simply added with a pencil.

The other chariot also has the Chaos Dwarf driver with whip, but this time is pulled by a Reaper Bones model (I know not the name). For me this acts as a draught animal that has been turned to a Spawn and yet is still devoted to, and loved by, the Champion in the Chariot. Slow, writhing progress across a battlefield. A jewellery chain was wrapped through it's gaping mouth and re-attached to the underside of the plague cart to show how it is pulled. The design of the plague-cart, I think, is perfect for a chariot of Nurgle.

It took quite some time to paint all of the eyes on this beast.

Lots of weathering washes on the wooden frame of the cart, and a mutated Chaos Dwarf.

A close-up of the modern plastic Nurgle miniature, they really are pretty impressive sculpts. You can see me attempting to get some dappling on his numerous tentacles here:

And finally the WIP photo that shows the kitbashing/converting/texturing and choice of models before they were painted up:

So that's another 500pts to the army, now standing at a total of 5125pts, with some Diseased Flagellants up next...

Saturday, 7 November 2020

The Glass Cabinet

For my birthday a few months ago, I was kindly given a glass cabinet by my wife, in another new display of her accepting my hobby and giving it some space to be shown in the house. This is quite a momentous occasion for me too, having not really publicly shown my hobby off before. It is in the downstairs bathroom though..

So here it is now mounted on the wall and starting to be filled with some of my smaller projects:

Blood bowl Orcs and a couple of Fighting Fantasy tributes:

Gaslands at the top, Buried Giant tribute and a human warband

More Fighting Fantasy tributes along the top (characters from the novels and choose your own adventure series) and of course the Freeway Fighter. Wood Elf blood bowl team beneath:

A barbarian warband based on Frank Frazetta's art and some (unfinished) Star Wars miniatures. 

Some 40k Rogue Trader along the top:

Saturday, 31 October 2020

A Halloween Night Horror

I've had this mini in my collection for a very long time and decided, on the eve of Halloween to paint it up (there's also a competition on the Night Horror and Gothic Horror Facebook page which helped motivate me). 

I've tried out a black background for my photographs for the first time too, for added spooky darkness.

This old Night Horror wraith came to me broken, the scythe was missing and so a suitable old, rusty replacement sword was located (I think this is from the Mantic skeleton sprue) and I placed the sword where the hands would be, trying to make it look like it was being held by the unseen, supernatural force of the wraith. 

The paint job was so easy. Primed black, zenithal through grey and a touch of white from above and then several washes of nuln oil to make the zenithal blend together. Then quote simply a few highlights of grey/blue on the robes and a final glaze of a black. Gloss varnish applied inside the jood. The rusty sword was boltgun metal washed with bestial brown and then part bestial brown and part ryza rust. Edge highlights with chainmail. Perhaps 30minutes all in including the base. 

Makes me want to gather all my other undead and see if there is a start of a quick army there....

Friday, 30 October 2020

Orctober 2020

 This month I've been busy painting a selection of Greenskins from my collection of Orcs and Goblins. I've chosen to work on the models that relate to the Citadel Combat Card system to try and work towards completing one of my many ongoing projects! So here they are together as a group, my Orctober offering:

I've stuck with my normal greenskin recipe, a brown wash over white primer and then a build up of layers from baneblade brown highlighted up with increasing amounts of pallid Wych flesh to the brown. A final glaze of dilute waywatcher green and then the facial extremities and knuckles have a glaze of Kislev flesh to add some warmth.

This one had a few arrows added, simply paperclips through a hole in the shield and then some plastic arrow feathers on the back end. 

You can see here that my versions are just a pastiche of the originals. I wanted to add some checkers to his hood, but not the entire hood! Also I've generally gone for more drab colours than the quite gaudy originals.  

Here you can see that I've made my own shields, sculpted with greenstuff and again loosely based on the original designs.

Never quite work out why they flipped this image! 

This one was a conversion, I didn't have the right head but found a close approximation. I don't quite have the right body or sword either!

And the boss of the warband to finish with. Hopefully next year's Orctober will see me complete the set..

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

21 Pestigor (220pts)

 This unit has taken me a little longer than expected to complete, even though half of the models were already painted. The other half needed to either have their conversions completed or, started from scratch, so it was quite the involved process. But it had reminded me of of how much fun it is is to make multiple, themed kitbashes, as I always prefer this to the painting stage. 

The theme here is clearly a Nurgle Pestigor unit, so I've rotted these models up by including elements of plaguebearer models and also through adding the usual green-stuffed bloated bellies, sores and postules from water filter beads. Adding lots of additional horns was important too. But I also wanted to explore the part beast part man aspect more deeply and not just go down the goatman route that GW has developed. Therefore I've really tried to use a wide range of bestial parts from my bitzbox to make each of these chaotic creatures; from horse heads, to spiders legs, to cow torsos there's quite an eclectic mix. I've generally used the regular beastman torso to have some unity to the conversions and also because I had a load of them to use. Here's the completed unit:

And now you'll have to excuse my exhaustive photos, as (for me) it's quite nice to see each of my creations individually:

This was one of the first conversions for the project and is more man than beast. I like the idea that some have evolved less fully from man to beast, or the other way round in that the beast has only started showing more human physiognomy. This one has a zombie torso and flagellant head and of course some extra horns and a belly.

A Lizardman is a beast man. A cold one head and tail merged with a plaguebearer body and a clawed hand. The legs are left over from the classic Palanquin rider

Flyman. One of the Nurgle sprues includes this fly head and it's been added to an old metal savage orc torso. Nice big sword. I considered adding wings to enhance the fly aspect.

More of a traditional GW beastman, here I wanted to play with a more dynamic pose. The plaguebearer body, zombie arm and extra horns help create a mutated character.

Ratman. of course a Skaven head was added to the plaguebearer torso and a foot to the beastman legs. He's a musician (of sorts)

Again a traditional beastman where I was focusing on pose and creating that Nurgle appearance through mixing familiar kits.

More man than beast, I thought he might have the skill to use a blunderbuss. His hat hints at a former life as a soldier before mutation changed his facial features and his gut.

Here I wanted to experiment with a different type of head, I think its a Mantic ghouls(?) and a different pose with the raised spear. A grisly collection of heads and a Nurgling friend are present.

I've had this troll torso in my box for a while and quite liked the idea of using it as the basis for an enlarged beastman to add some height and bulk. To contrast with that a small warrior's head was simply added and of course an additional horn.

Birdman. The usual combo of legs and torso, but the head I believe os from an old Bretonnian helmet. In retrospect I'm not so keen on the shield, I prefer the simplicity of a wooden shield for these creatures.

The banner bearer. The creature is mostly cow from the Giant sprue, with a zombie torso and a warriors head. The banner design is one that I freehanded from a Fighting Fantasy book.

This one I actually rolled up on the Lost and the Damned attributes table for some competition some years ago. Extra arm, sorcerer and flaming skull head were three such attributes and here's my response to that. I do love the scythe and hour glass combo.

The leader. Simply because the conversion gives such an imposing presence. Beastman, zombie, deamonette and chaos warrior bits were used and quite a bit of greenstuff to bulk him up. I like horns and scythes it would seem.

The next few are the more recent conversions that I made from scratch to complete the unit:

A metal horror's legs, beastman torso and some Mantic ghoul pieces make this little fella.

Mostly beastman bits, but I wanted him to be a skull collector, you can see his collection around his waist.

Orc, Gnoblar and Kroot bits fused together makes a pretty unique character. Extra hand weapon always seem to equate to extra cool.
I think the base of this model is from the Foresaken sprue and I've just added a plaguebearer arm and some horns. This one is more spawn like but I do like the contortion of change that he seems to be showing.

Horse man. Why not use a horse head, especially when I seem to have more than I need. I've tried to blend it into the model by green-stuffing decaying skin over part of it's face and into the torso. The arm is a metal orcs.

A personal favourite - cowman. Using the head pointing up from the banner bearers body and then creating a double handed weapon stance I can almost hear the braying.

An old minotaur head with a tentacle and extra horns, chaos does let you experiment with different scale when kitbashing, so the enlarged head is an option.
The kroot head makes an appearance as does a spider leg for an arm. This one has quite the dynamic pose.

So the army continues to grow, here's a current group shot. If I add the 220pts of this unit to the army, we're now looking at 4625 points. 

Some chariots next (although there will be a short Orctober interlude)