Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Gaslands! part 3

Another day another couple of Gaslanded toy cars. These two are actually old Matchbox cars from when I was a boy, so there's a bit of sentiment here... but not enough from me pulling them apart and rebuilding them with weapons and armour:

I was quite keen to exaggerate the contrast in paint scheme here, from rust bucket to well maintained, race ready, blue. 

In terms of the build, the Corvette was drilled open so a driver could be added (even though you can barely see him on the finished car!), a singular gun mounted on the roof and the white stripe protected by masking tape. 

 I painted the interior and driver and then layered up my blues from dark to light. To add a bit of lustre to the colour I used a Tamiya blue over the top, which worked really well to get a bit of that metallic gleam to the body, however it was quite glossy so I had to finish with a bit of matt varnish:

The tape was taken away (always so satisfying) and the stripe painted from grey to white. 

The Dodge Dakota was built up more substantially with a plough, satelite, roof light, bonnet mounted gun and windshield. On the back I added a harpoon gun with gunner:

And the painting of the rust done in the traditional way with a range of dark browns, to red browns to oranges dabbed on over each other. 

So I'm done for Gaslands for now (apart from playing the game with my kids and on the Hot Wheels track with my son), oh and I want to recreate my Freeway Fighter on this scale too and maybe one of the Mad Max vehicles too. 

Something literacy inspired next... 

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Gaslands! Pt. 2

Hi all. I didn't have as much time to hobby as I hoped this week, but I did get these two cars finished for my Gaslands! collection:

This one was a really old Hotwheels car (1975!) Corvette Stingray and already came raised. I thought it needed a bit of a special paint job, so went with one of my favourite cars from my childhood: Face from the A-Teams Corvette.

This one's paint job was inspired by someone else's paint job I found online, I really loved the idea of a replacement door being a different colour. I also used a regular HB pencil to draw in the metallic scratch marks.

Here they are pre-painting, mostly Implements of Carnage bits (the darker grey plastic) but also some bits from an Airfix X-Wing model (the light grey).

And here's the team thus far:

More currently being painted... 

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Gaslands! - Day 3

I’ve had another quite productive day, moving onto some Gaslands! cars that I started a while ago and never completed. Tomorrow I will be experiencing “remote teaching” so I won’t have much, if any, time to hobby. But it’s been a good run of three days and I’m sure to do a little more over the coming days, weeks etc.

So here they are, a couple of Hot Wheels cars with bits added (mostly) from the Implements of Carnage sprue (North Star) and painted pretty quickly with a limited palette and lots of washes and weathering :

Here they are before the (initial) nightmare that was painting.

The priming went well, but from there on I decided this would be a good opportunity to experiment with some rusting techniques; both cars were then painted in rust colours and one had salt sprinkled on it the other a Tamiya chipping agent. Both were then given a black spray coat and then when this was dry I used a toothbrush to scratch away the top coat revealing the rust. However I found it way too random, lengthy and unsatisfying, so repainted both to what you now see.

Here are the next two converted up, using the same sprue as mentioned earlier plus some Airfix aircraft kit leftovers, unwanted bits of an X-Wing kit and some plasticard/plastic tubing:

Saturday, 21 March 2020

A gypsy caravan - day 2

This was a very quick paint job. Under coated black then doombull brown undercoat and then highlighted up with evil sun red. The yellow trim was based with baalor brown and highlighted with flash glitz yellow. The roof was quickly done in a few brushstrokes (wet-in-wet blending); a base of caliban green and then streaked white added in to blend a highlight.

And here you can see the Djinn and caravan in situ on my board, looking through an old ruined temple:

Staying with vehicles, tomorrow’s task will be to finish off some Gaslands! cars that I started a while ago, where the painting didn’t go very well the first time of asking. 
The conversions of Hot Wheels cars:


And then basecoated with rusty colours:

And then I experimented with salt and chipping paint medium. After that had been applied I then sprayed them black and with a toothbrush started off removing the black layer. I found it too random and craved to start again. So that’s what I’ll do tomorrow.

Friday, 20 March 2020

A Djinn - Self isolation day 1

If I had three wishes.....? Well I guess one of them could have been to get some unexpected time to work on my hobby projects, but I certainly didn’t wish for it in this way. My daughter developed a new, persistent cough yesterday so we’ve self-isolated as a family - all 5 of us. We’re all fine though. I’m home schooling the kids and in between that I managed to line up some models and get quite a few things, hobby wise, done. I hope to do the same each day..

Yesterday I painted up this Zealot miniatures Djinn which had been sitting around primed, for a while. I saw it as a chance to practise some different, non-Caucasian skin after all my white barbarians and to try a different style of miniature. Also it’s another tick on my Frostgrave Bestiary challenge:

I painted the top half first (having to stubbornly refuse the desire to go all blue) starting with a rhinox hide base and highlighting up through mixes of doombull brown and gorthor brown. I’m still unsure of how successful I’ve been. My original intention for the bottom, swirling part was to blend out the skin tone into white, but changed my mind prior to starting and thought I’d practise some fire painting. So that’s what I did! Please let me know your thoughts.

I also managed to put together a gypsy caravan which I’d picked up from Sarissa Precision and which I will use as scenery for my town scene:

Next up a new little warband, some Gaslands and the Blood Bowl elf team that’s I’ve threatened to tackle many times before without doing so. Stay safe out there everyone.

Friday, 13 March 2020

My Barbarian Warband

Here's my warband, completed. In the studio:

Roaming around a town:

Fighting renowned adversaries:

And discussing the necessity of indiscriminate killing:

The End.

Thursday, 12 March 2020

Barbarians and subtleties in skintone.

The final 4 miniatures for my Barbarian warband was another adventure in flesh tone painting. We have a swarthy, female reclining assassin, an albino shaman, a ruddy female with broadsword and a two-weaponed, pallid Beserker Dwarf:


 The painting technique was the same on all of them (white prime, contrast base wash, highlight up with increasing amount of white added to the base Contrast paint and then glazed with reds to warm up), but they each had a different starting colour:

The paler two characters also had extra white added to their highlights from the start of the process. 

And here's the simple conversion for the shaman; a LotR goblin body and a zombie head with some greenstuffed hair and largely goblin bits on the staff:

In another project I would like to experiment with how to capture skintones other than caucasian, but for now my Barbarians are complete and I'll do some nice group photos later.