Monday, 3 December 2018

Star Wars: Greedo

I realised that one of the reasons I never really got into 40K was not because I had a preference for fantasy but because the sci-fi vision served up by GW in the 80's just wasn't Star Wars (although I realise there are references to it). For me Star Wars is the Ultimate Science Fiction Universe and Space Marines and the other various 40k factions, quite simply, weren't. 

Living a slightly blinkered life these days, I didn't even know that there was a Star Wars game and models and that these models were fucking cool and totally represented my love of the original films. So lets start another new project; Star Wars Legions. Well I happened to be passing my (not so) local games store and inside found a Greedo model which looked just the ticket (turns out I've actually picked up one from Star Wars Imperial Assault game, which is a board game rather than the tabletop game and that these are also, annoyingly, a different scale). However the scale of these matches some of my other, very limited, selection of 40k based models (for example; here, here, here and here)

So I just had to paint him up in his traditional colours and base him the same way as my others, which just happens to be a sandy equivalent to Mos Eisley.

I will attempt to put together a squad of Bounty Hunters from the films and then locate them all in my own scum-ridden corner of Mos Eisely (cue for some scratch-building of scenery...)

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