Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Continuing the baggage train...

I'm usually pretty good at remembering from which company I bought my miniatures from (I try and buy from a wide range of producers), but on this occasion I cannot remember, so please remind me if you can.

I remember buying this for my baggage train idea; I like the downtrodden, abjectivity of the peasant and the ox and then decided to load up his cart with some bits which I didn't need but which could be handy for a mercenary baggage train. Quivers of arrows, some shields and a cask of ale in this case. I find these type of miniatures with lots of wood and cloth and little dynamism quite difficult to paint, so I'm pleased to get through it.

Like my previous post, I've half and half based it to fit both of my mini worlds.


  1. I'm in love with this one, its really evocative. You can almost feel the slow path and the shaft and axle squeaking

  2. Nice, we all love a bit of cart action

  3. Fantastic looking model Stuart!

  4. I love this, specially the cart and its worn, grey wooden wheels.

  5. Marvellous. Looks like a forced exodus, with appropriate air of resignation.

    1. He really does look resigned to it all; he can't get excited for either loading up for adventurers or being present near a battlefield

  6. I have a vision of this same model with added hi-vis panels, reflectors and such, fit for a weird, poor but health and safety obsessed, dark scenario. Enjoying the blog.