Monday, 30 March 2015

Blood Bowl : Dwarf Referee

BOYL 2015 is fast approaching and I'd like to get involved in the Oldhammer Bloodbowl games there ( ; which of course means I'll need to bring a painted team. Well in my usual roundabout style, I decided to paint a Dwarf Referee rather than actually any of my Orcs. But the Orcs do need someone to keep them in line when they enter the fray. And who more so than Axe Jorggsson:

Axe Jorggsson (yes that "Axe Jorggsson" he who led a warband of trolls and ogres into the black mountains to battle and eventually banish tribes of Night Goblins), is now retired and taking it easy refereeing at major BloodBowl tournaments. Hero or Villain? Well just ask Eldric Sidewinder and Morg N Thorg from the recent AllStars Cup game. During a melee, Morg N Thorg committed a clear foul on the prone elf and was immediately sent off by Axe (Morg thought twice about arguing with the tough dwarf) even though he obviously saw the bearded ref as the villain for preventing a clear ko opportunity. Eldric, happy to retain his good looks, now has a grudging respect for the tough Dwarf. Well, as much as an elf can. 

Anyone else care to argue if it's the end of the game?

And here's the Orc team that I will be finishing up over the coming months, ready for August's Oldhammer Day; lots to do:

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Family Heroquest: Reinforcements; the rest of the family

Having played a few games of Heroquest with my daughters, it was time to bring in a few other characters into the mix, namely Mum, Dad and little brother! 

The rest of the family ready to explore some dungeons. I've been on the steroids
 These wonderful miniatures are from the Hasslefree range, and they are just so easy to paint because of the clean crisp sculpting. My wife and son do own clothes similar to what the models are wearing (son wearing his jeans) but I can't say I own any cow-skin ankle chaps.

I was quite pleased with the addition of moss between the flagstones, usually I'm weeding those out

And here are all the family together, including the two sisters, ready to protect the little one (even though he's quite lethal with his flail) and bash some dungeon monster's heads, through a combination of sword, dagger, sorcery and sulking:

Many thanks for looking and I'll post up another family game of Heroquest at some point in the future!

ps if you haven't ever painted a Hasslefree mini, try one, they really are that good!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Ogre Mercenary Contingent - 468pts

My first (modern) completed 3rd edition unit! I always wanted these as a kid, but never had the resources, so some 25 years later I've re-imagined a dream. Weird.

Led by Morguutt the Splendid, a level 20 commander, these tough and experienced mercenaries are officially ready for hire to the highest bidder (except any greenskin general - they can't be trusted).

These fierce fighting mercenaries have, on occasion, been bribed and then switched allegiance during a battle.
You want some, I'll give it ya!

5 Ogres: 190 pts
Standard bearer: 38pts
Level 20 Commander 240pts
Total: 468pts

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Jes Goodwin Ogre No.6 - Mercanary Commander

A little later than I hoped, but here he is, my pink trousered Mercanry Commander; Morguutt the Splendid:

As you can tell from the following photos, I really went for a colourful palette (which is not my usual style of keeping the colour choices quite limited), but I wanted him to look resplendent in his finery, to show his relative wealth and status as a Mercanary Commander:

Clashing colours and checks too! I'm particularly happy with the skin tone on this one and how the pink strides came out. I imagined I was using colours straight from the Monster Paint Set.

Note the brass etched foliage to his right, the first time I have used this and pretty happy with it. I'm still not too sure what those orange bits are; tassles, hair, ear ornaments?

Quite an intimidating camera angle..

Check out all the checks.

So as you can tell from all the photos, I'm really happy with how he came out and I also feel that I've actually managed to take some decent photos to do my painting justice for a change. I'll post up the entire mercanary contingent later, as it is now all completed. Woop! My first finished 3rd edition unit!