Saturday, 7 November 2020

The Glass Cabinet

For my birthday a few months ago, I was kindly given a glass cabinet by my wife, in another new display of her accepting my hobby and giving it some space to be shown in the house. This is quite a momentous occasion for me too, having not really publicly shown my hobby off before. It is in the downstairs bathroom though..

So here it is now mounted on the wall and starting to be filled with some of my smaller projects:

Blood bowl Orcs and a couple of Fighting Fantasy tributes:

Gaslands at the top, Buried Giant tribute and a human warband

More Fighting Fantasy tributes along the top (characters from the novels and choose your own adventure series) and of course the Freeway Fighter. Wood Elf blood bowl team beneath:

A barbarian warband based on Frank Frazetta's art and some (unfinished) Star Wars miniatures. 

Some 40k Rogue Trader along the top:


  1. Great looking cabinet Stuart, with some great looking models in there.

    1. Cheers Dave. It's nice to have a small selection of my models on display in the house for me to look at from time to time, small steps!

  2. Nice display of minis :) Better to show them than keep them in a case.

    1. Definitely! Unfortunately the vast majority of my stuff is in a case in the attic ­čÖü