Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Chaos Allies - Chaos Dwarves

It’s been a long time since I painted up a full Warhammer unit and, if truth be told, it broke my hobby mojo. But after a break, I’ve come back determined to complete it (and other unfinished projects). The unit consists of the original Chaos Dwarf Renegades as command, a Chaos Ogre for some beef and visual height and a range of the classic Citadel Chaos Dwarves which I had slowly collected over a number of years. This unit will form the backbone of my Chaos Allied list from Warhammer Armues 3rd Edition, which is now complete! I’ll take photos of the entire contingent kater. For now, here’s them Dwarves:

Saturday, 25 August 2018

A Chaos Ogre for my Chaos Dwarves

As I slowly complete the rest of my rank and file Chaos Dwarves, I decided to add a classic Citadel Chaos Ogre to the ranks, to add a bit of height and interest. He’s armoured in a similar way to the Dwarves and certainly has the chaotic look about him that ties him right in with the twisted Stu ties. I went for a strong red armour which was fun to paint and contrasted it with a paler skin tone.

Thursday, 23 August 2018

The Chaos Dwarf Renegades

After some time, I've finally got back into my hobby, picking up where I left off with my version of the classic Citadel Chaos Dwarf Renegades. My paint job has been inspired by John Blanche's original illustration that was on the box art, using black, yellow and orange as the main colours and then based to fit in with the rest of my Chaos Allied Contingent.

The banner was a bit of a cop-out, printed onto stiff paper (although I think I will weather it a bit). I was going to try and paint my own version of the iconic illustration but didn't want anything else to hinder my, already drawn-out, progress with these:

The Master of Madness:

Drum and Drone Ulsen:

Napper Grundrin:

Foaming Mad Furrikson:

Doomaxe the Dreaded (now promoted to standard bearer as he snapped his axe in a duel with The Postman):

Khazek Doomlord:

Mad Morik Trollbiter:

Pulper Spikehead: