Monday, 30 June 2014

Thug Life

And here's some slightly converted thugs, using an old orc, thug and an ogre as the base of the model, then with an added Cadian head, Ogre head, decaying horses heads and some plasticard.....

I've tried to improve the models and give them some personality that ties in with the Nurgle warband theme. Hope you like!

Some followers

Here are the first two followers in the warband; classic models that need no converting just a paint job that tries to do them justice 
I'm quite happy with how the goggles on this guy turned out, they actually look a bit like blue glass!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The devils in the detail..

Oh I forgot, Grimspew carries the Staff of Nurgle, which I am told reliably by my copy of The Lost and the Damned, can turn an enemy of his into a pile of squirming maggots. Here I used a Wormpile from the Helldorado range:

Also the Nurglings who carry the Palanquin of Nurgle can leave sticky pools of goo behind them as they move. On a roll of a 6 each turn, a pool will be deposited in the Palanquin's wake and any model passing over them will contract Nurgle's rot!
 These are simply made from milliput with bits of rice and some silica gel balls squished in. Lots of glazes of greens, blacks and purples to get the required colour and then loads of layers of gloss varnish to make them look oozy. 
This is what I love about Oldhammer and the Realms of Chaos in particular , so much detail in the background and so many rules that can inspire some new models to be made to add to the flavour of a warband - even though it is very unlikely that the maggotpile or the sticky pools will ever see the battlefield....

Monday, 23 June 2014


Dargon Grimspew.

He's the leader of my Nurgle Warband and of course he sits proudly on top of his Nurgling Palanquin (a slightly expensive find on ebay- I wish I had some success stories about incredible bargains I've found..) I've reused the mounted champion elsewhere and sculpted converted my own champion as I wanted a unique model befitting the Grimspew himself. There's bits of zombie, chaos warriors and beastmen in the conversion as well as some Plaguebearer feet, oh and the cloth is a very thin piece of greenstuff carefully draped over some paperclip legs so I could sculpt the folds in his drapery.

In terms of painting I now tend to prime white and then build a succession of layers using inks and glazes - usually GW paints and inks but with added medium and a touch of washing up liquid to help break the surface tension. It helps the model and the paint get on much better I find.

I probably spend too much time basing; I'm currently using layers of woodland scenic flock starting with a dark green up to a yellow green and then I add some Army Painter Swamp tufts, some birch seeds and some found bits of moss to help add some detail. I wanted to create a lush undergrowth kind of feel as the minions of Nurgle slowly creep towards their enemies.

Lots more to update...