Friday, 24 October 2014

Retinue Table: D6 Goblins (Blag's Unnamed and Rusty)

As usual I seem to jump between several projects and even though it is Orctober (and I still have 3 unifinshed Orcs for the warband that need to be completed) I couldn't resist the allure of finishing some of my favourite Marauder Goblins to add to my Lost and The Damned Retinue table challenge.

Here's the leader of the group, Blag the Sure, threatening all with his might and courage, in the hope that one may step forward and challenge him - even if he only a level 5. (He has yet to be in a challenge, but he feels ready).

Oozit the Tricksta (quite possibly one of my favourite ever Goblin sculpts - he looks so menacing and grumpy) is an Illlusionist Goblin Shaman, seen here getting angry as one of his comrades interrupts his preparation to cast Illusion of Foe:

 And the rest of the warband, the Unnamed and Rusty. They know how to try and intimidate their foes (it's all bravado) and they only half believe in strength of numbers:

And a group shot of the 6 Goblins of Blag's The Unnamed and the Rusty, ready to be called into action by any self-respecting Nurgle Champion for his retinue or Orc General for part of his mercenary contingent:

When I've finished the other 3 Orcs (maybe this weekend) I'll post a group shot of the completed Orctober Orc & Goblin Warband....

Monday, 20 October 2014

Orctober - some actual painted greenskins!

I've actually managed to get some Orcs painted! First up is Thrakk One-Eye, an interesting sculpt of a cyclops orc with a magical, fire-forged sword:

He's joined in his brutality by Morag Troll Basher with his rusty flail and three pronged helm that he uses to charge, head first into his opponents (hence why it is twisted and assymetrical).

Here you can see his prized, yellow shoulder pad:

And here are the first 3 orcs of the warband being led by Spike the Feared. They are lined up for a photograph for you to study, before they wander off into Drakwald Forest and ambush and batter some unsuspecting victims with sword, mace and flail, purely with the intention of bettering their lot and pillaging some better armour, weapons and leather pouches.

 They will soon be joined by 3 more orcs and some goblins too! 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

New old Orcs

So I splashed out on a joblot of Orcs on ebay - Orctober has really given me a green fever - and they all needed a bit of the old dettol treatment (I deliberately included the green splashback in the background to add to the green vibe!):

I love the expression of one of the few goblins in there! The next evening I'd managed to do some cleaning and I've chosen these three to be the next to joint the warband:

I love the extended lower jaw and protruding teeth of the orc on the left and the angled head of the spear wielding orc on the right. And every orc warband needs an Error Boy too!

In between all this preparation I've also made some progress with painting some Orcs, I just need finish the bases. I'll get those done and photographed over the weekend.

ps. does anyone have any suggestions as to where I can source 25mm slotta bases, in particular straight rather than diagonal slotta? I've run out and ebay sellers don't seem to provide or sell any from my searches... Many thanks in advance.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Orctoberfest - my last O&G army

Erny's excellent Orctober plan ( has given me an opportunity to show off my old (2006?) Orc and Goblin army that I linked to in my last post. But rather than have you troll through lots of pages in a link, I thought I'd share the models on here, seeing as this is my little part of the web an all.

I've only ever "completed" two armies, this being the second one, but both of which were of the O&G variety and both of which have since been sold on :(. So forgive my indulgence but I'd quite like to show them off here:

Warboss Azbo:

Even before I knew of "Oldhammer" I was rockin' old school shield designs.

And here is after all the converting, greenstuffing and kitbashing. He was huge....

My BSB, Garthong the Angry:

Shaman, Ummblatt:

Shaman, Ahhwhizz:

The Black Orcs

The Big Uns:

The Boyz:


Night Goblins:


Scratchbuilt rocklobba:

Ansd some army shots of the boyz together:

That feels better and partly sates my desire to share my love and connections with all things Orc, which seems to be a good reason for Orctober.

So expect all my posts this month to be focused on the Greenskins as I move from my past relationship with into my future dealings with them (albeit using models from the past..) I'm resisting the urge to say Waa.....

Saturday, 4 October 2014

My Orctober contribution

I love Orcs. My first ever purchases at GW York (on a school trip when I was about 12) were some trogoladyes, but I thought they were Orcs. Once that mistake had been discovered and I grew my knowledge of Citadel models from fortnightly trips to GW Reading, and from reading White Dwarf, I started collecting a huge Orc and Goblin army.  Unfortunately sold many years ago, I still regret this (and secretly hope that I'll rediscover it again on ebay one day...)

But I still love Orcs and thanks to Erny ( I've been given a good opportunity to do break out my greenskin recipe.  Here's Spike the Feared that I used to have in my army and which I have just finished painting:

As you can see, I'm a fan of the muted tan/green colour skin. I start with a graveyard earth brown, then a brown ink wash, followed by multiple layers of the base brown and increasing amounts of rotting flesh to highlight. A few green ink glazes to finish. 

Here's two more classic Orcs that will soon be joining him in what will be a small warband of 6 to add to my Lost and The Damned retinue table challenge (D6 Orcs):

As I mentioned, I do have a history with my Orcs, some of you may be familiar with my second Orc and Goblin army that I completed some years ago and which won me several best army awards:

But now I'm all Oldhammery I'm sticking with lead Orcs from the 80's. Any suggestions for my other 3 Orc warriors for the warband? I'm thinking at least 1 bow armed Orc?