Monday, 23 June 2014


Dargon Grimspew.

He's the leader of my Nurgle Warband and of course he sits proudly on top of his Nurgling Palanquin (a slightly expensive find on ebay- I wish I had some success stories about incredible bargains I've found..) I've reused the mounted champion elsewhere and sculpted converted my own champion as I wanted a unique model befitting the Grimspew himself. There's bits of zombie, chaos warriors and beastmen in the conversion as well as some Plaguebearer feet, oh and the cloth is a very thin piece of greenstuff carefully draped over some paperclip legs so I could sculpt the folds in his drapery.

In terms of painting I now tend to prime white and then build a succession of layers using inks and glazes - usually GW paints and inks but with added medium and a touch of washing up liquid to help break the surface tension. It helps the model and the paint get on much better I find.

I probably spend too much time basing; I'm currently using layers of woodland scenic flock starting with a dark green up to a yellow green and then I add some Army Painter Swamp tufts, some birch seeds and some found bits of moss to help add some detail. I wanted to create a lush undergrowth kind of feel as the minions of Nurgle slowly creep towards their enemies.

Lots more to update...