Thursday, 13 November 2014

An Ogre and interchangeable bases

I love this range of Ogres and have been looking forward to painting some from my pile for a while, but I didn't quite have the courage or convictioon that I could do them justice yet. I seem to have got my painting confidence back so I had a go with the intention attempting natural skin colours rather those I have been creating recently for my Nurgle miniatures:

I used some Reikland wash from GW with a touch of washing up liquid to help it flow over the white undercoat. I used several washes of this to build up the skin tone and then worked in some layered highlights. Some blue/brown glazes were applied to the areas of chest hair and stubble.

I couldn't resist some stripes on his pyjama bottoms. He is a bit vain in that he has to have a matching bicep bracelet too, but these ogres are mercanaries and will fight for such things. I quite like his cow-skin ankle-warmers too.

So this guy will be one of four for my Lost and Damned retinue table challenge (the other 3 are on my painting desk, primed) but I had a think about how I could actually use them on the table. I decided that eventually they will grow into a small mercanary force with commander and as stated, would fight for anyone. I then realised that one day, I may move onto another army after my Nurgle one is complete (possibly O&G or Undead) and that I would probably use a different basing system for those armies, therefore my Mercanary Ogres would need to have bases to match....
Furthermore I also have a desire to make my own HeroQuest board and use my miniatures to play that with my son (when he's old enough). So my solution, magnets:

 So far it seems to be working fine. It took a bit of time to align the magnets on his feet and on the base and even more time to make the bases, the latter of which is obviously my HeroQuest idea. He's pretty secure, but I won't be holding him upside-down anytime soon. He can be removed and replaced quite easily.
My only concern is whether the glue holding the magnets will stay strong enough as the bond between the magnets seems to be just as strong. Time will tell and next time I may try to use an epoxy rather than superglue.....

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