Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Fighting Fantasy : Freeway Fighter pt.2

Let's go back.... Getting ready for the 40k Deathrace at BOYL 2015, I'm pretty much done with the re-construction of the Fighting Fantasy:Freeway Fighter Chevy '57 Bel Air, based on the illustration by Jim Burns:

I've added milliput (easy to sand), greenstuff (easy to model) to help create the shape, plastic straws for the vents, golf tees for the lights, plasticard and orc spear heads for the scythes / bumpers / guns, a plastic cap for the turret, some thick wire for the rim of the turret and the spoiler and some computer bits for the raised engine.

I'm really happy with my choice of models to accompany the car - both of these are from Heresy's "Gang"  line of miniatures. I contemplated giving both characters some 80's hair (as in the illustration) and equip the female character with a flail, but decided against any more converting. The male character fits perfectly inside the gun turret of the car, but I will obviously paint him separately.

With regards to the car, there is still more sanding and smoothing of the surfaces in an attempt to get that perfect finish as seen on the illustration, but I'm starting to realise how difficult it is going to be to achieve, so don't be surprised if the car looks a little more weathered, tattered, used and old when it comes to the finish!

I've been rubbing charcoal into the sculpted areas, the residue then sits in any crevices and I can continue to sand to get a smooth finish. I'm using a very fine sandpaper, some water and a chamois leather too. Hopefully you've noticed details like the bullet holes along the side panel of the car?

I'll be using a sprayed white primer, followed by several fine coats of Tamiya Clear red sprayed on. I am tempted to do some NMM on the chrome, but instead I ordered some Bare Metal Foil. However this has still not arrived, so I will investigate using some very thin aluminium foil (from a kit kat) and apply with some tacky pva... Watch this space....

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