Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Dungeon tiles: submerged room

I've been wanting to start on a new dungeon tile where I get to use some coloured water effects. Every dungeon crawl needs a room like this, with the mystery of what lurks beneath or what the murky liquid actually is... In the back of my mind I had this scene as I started work on it (I wish I had added an eye or tentacle poking out now in hindsight):

Here's a few work in progress photos:

Here you can see I've added some cut up felt tip pen lids for pipes, a piece of plastic tubing for a rogue metal pole and some twigs and seed pods for alien like swamp fauna.

Just before the painting stage I also added some Mantic skeleton bits and a mushroom, all of which I thought would look quite cool partly submerged. For the painting I used my usual technique of a dark grey household paint (it's in a huge tub) then drybrush/highlight up with added white, wash down with a very dark grey and add some final glazes of green/brown to dirty up the stone.

It was the next stage that gave me the most trepidation, pouring the Woodlands Scenic Realistic water onto my polystyrene tile... After some research, experiments and remembering my past attempt here, I realised that I would have to properly seal my tile. For this I was instructed to use Polyeurathane Interior varnish, which I brushed on liberally over the areas which would receive water. One this was dry I mixed the Realistic Water with a very small amount of green ink added and a very thin amount was poured in. Of course the liquid found a very small gap in the construction of the tile and seeped out, but I remedied this with a glue gun dam and re-poured:

You may also wonder what the velcro strips are for, well I'm experimenting with detachable walls that can be used on the dungeon tiles and some Frostgrave ruins I've got in mind...... More to follow...

And here's the finished water effect, pretty happy with it!

And here's some photos with models involved, you can add your own narrative:

A partly submerged GW troll that  converted and painted some time ago

The first Reaper Bones miniatures I have ever painted, decent sculpts and detail for a bargain price.

Here's another source for my inspiration which is from SaintJG at DevantArt:

Many thanks for looking.

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