Monday, 8 February 2016

Frostgrave Bestiary Challenge: 5 Skeletons and a dog

As I recover from an acl operation, I've slowly been able to get back into some painting, as I'm now able to sit in a suitable painting position for longer periods of time. I have next week off work and then it's half term, so I hope to be quite productive over the next fortnight; we shall see.. For now though I've quickly painted up 5 Mantic skeletons (and a skeletal canine) as the first installment of my new "Frostgrave Bestiary Challenge". It will run alongside the creation of new dungeon tiles and the slow progress of my "LatD Retinue Table Challenge".

So here they are in their dungeon room, retreating from your approach:

And some photos in a slightly better light, where they try out a few new formations:

I decided they should all have basic armour and spears to differentiate them from their armoured  brethren. The quickish painting technique was as follows:

1. Under coated white, the bone was then based with baneblade brown then highlighted/drybrushed up with a mixture of the base colour combined with increasing amounts of bleached bone. A wash of seraphim sepia to tie it together and a final highlight of bleached bone. 

2. Armour was boltgun metal then washed with a chestnut ink/nuln oil combo and small highlights added  with chain mail. Rust was added with red ochre pigment bound in some matte varnish.

3. All other pieces were under coated in appropriate colours (mostly a range of browns) and then washed with earthshade. On a few of the prominent areas they were re-highlighted with the original colour plus a touch of white.

4. The shields were painted the same way as 3, but with some old Citadel transfers added. When dry these were coated with matt varnish and a touch of blade town brown to dirty them up  (in fact this recipe was also applied around the feet and other areas to help create the duty appearance).

I decided not to go with glowing eyes in the end, I'm still unsure though and may add that detail when I've painted the remaining Undead legions... It can look very good indeed. Thoughts? 

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