Wednesday, 7 February 2018

In it to win it

Every now and then I enter some of the many online competitions, mostly so that I have an extra incentive to get something painted from my to do list. I never buy something specifically for a competition, but if I’ve got a suitable model ready to paint then I’ll have a go.

 It just so happens that here was an Orktober competition on the Facebook group: The Emporium of Rogue Dreams: Old School Gaming (go search it out!) for which I entered an old Bob Olley Madboy that I had picked up in a job lot in a charity shop. Amazingly (against some lovely models) I won! I'm incredibly chuffed that my paint job was chosen even as a contender, although I'm pretty sure that the choice of model and it's great pose helped me through.

A month later and the annual Deadcember competition came along and I pulled out my plague cart that I've wanted to paint for an age for my Lost and Damned army list. I painted that up with a ghostly theme in mind, using some cotton wool as mist. Incredibly it came in second place on Rab’s amazing blog space, as voted by him, so many thanks Rab! The guys at Ral Partha Europe were also generous enough to provide some prizes so I was more than happy to receive the following from them the other day:

Many thanks!

And below are my winning entries, just to refresh your memories:

All of this reinforces my belief that we’re lucky to be part of such a generous and committed group of hobbyists. Thanks to all for organising, voting and providing; much appreciated. Now I just need some incentive to get my Chaos Dwarves painted; anyone know of a competition??!

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