Saturday, 2 August 2014

Decorating and Zombies

I've just finished my first full week of the school summer holidays and have triumphantly decorated the living room, much to the happiness of the wife. I don't know how many times I've had to traipse to B&Q and back though...:

There is a correlation with my hobby I realised, everything is just scaled up - so instead of trimming mold lines with a small scalpel I've been sanding floorboards with a heavy duty, powerful electric floor sander. Applying primer with a roller rather than a spray can and adding layers of paint with a huge decorating brush rather than a Windsor and Newton Series 7 size 1 brush! Now I consider myself quite skilled with a brush, but boy do I struggle with skirting boards, perhaps I should have reached for one of my smaller, hobby brushes for the corners....

In the evenings I have treated myself to some hobby time and have had to adjust everything back to a miniature scale - which each time took a little while - my painting seemed slightly heavy-handed at first. So the first 7 Mantic zombies are complete awaiting another couple of batches of 7 which I'll start sometime soon:

 These guys will be making an appearance at BOYL 2014 (next week!) and I hope to add to the completed list before then, now the decorating is done and I'm in the wife's good books!

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