Friday, 25 July 2014

Favourite 10 Miniatures Of All Time

So following on from Axiom's and Orlygg's blogs; here's my list of favourite miniatures over the course of my hobby experience. A very hard list to condense down from my initial shortlist of about 20 or so miniatures that in some way or other have inspired me by their design, character, dynamicism or relationship with me as a young boy or aging man... So in no particular order:


I remember buying this model (along with a command group if I recall correctly) at my Reading branch of GW back in the very early 90's. I loved and still love his pose; the little guy all armoured up and looking tough, ready to challenge a worthy adversary with a raised fist. I love his downturned mouth too When I returned to the hobby quite a few years ago I was inspired by JRN's painted version of him. This is my painted version and my Avatar over at the Oldhammer Forum.

A similar pose to the Goblin (I've only just realised as I post these two pictures together!), but this Minotaur was always on my "want" list as a youngster and it wasn't until my adult years that i was able to get my hands on it. Again this is my painted version, I've rarely enjoyed painting a model so much as this one!


Classic Nurgle Great Unclean One that just reek all that is Realms of Chaos. I espcially love the one with all the Nurglings hanging out of his gaping wounds and the expressions on their faces. Of course back in the day they were a large, heavy lead model, but they seem tiny now which adds to their charm. I have one ready to be assembled and painted.


I still yearn for this model, for me it epitomises the relationship between GW and John Blanche and I would love to paint this in his style (when I get my hands on one!). So much attitude and character.


Such an imposing sculpt. When I was a kid my mate had one that he used to use as the leader of his Mercanary Contingent during 3rd Edition and he was also awesome on the battlefield. I now have my second one having sold my original some years ago.


I could have used any number of the Chaos Dwarfs from this range, but this is my favourite, again because of the character imparted from his pose (this is definitely a theme that I hadn't explored before). One day I'd like to have all the Renegades in a unit.


One of my first purchases (a troglodyte was the first) and this miniature set me on the road as a collector. During my teens I amassed a huge 3rd Edition Orc and Goblin Army that continued into 4th and 5th I believe. This guy was my original General because he looks so tough and menacing with his double cleavers.


Obviously I love Nurgle and Realms of Chaos and this model epitomises it all for me. The different characters are all perfect, my particular favourite is the Plaguebearer with Autopistol where we can see the 40K crossover with technology in WFB. The Nurglings carrying the Palanquin are genius and still stand the test of time, as does the whole piece - it seems to fetch good prices on ebay still! When I painted my first one I was amazed by the level of detail on the sculpt, whether it is the moon faces on the side of the throne or the expressions of all those mischievous nurglings.


Again this could be any number of models from this range as sculpted by Jes Goodwin (my favourite sculptor) but I went for this particular fellow because it was my first Nurgle "want" largely because of the Nurgling on his shoulder and his slightly crouched pose. The helmet ornament always makes me smile too!


Perhaps slightly controvesial, but this is a cracking set of plastics. It's the best version for zombies, bar none and is a heads up to what good, modern kits should be like (and priced like). Lots of interchangeable parts that fit well together and that still create good, dynamic poses. This is perhaps a nod towards the future rather than the past (although the rest of Mantic's stuff is poor!).


  1. Wonderful selection! The Nurgle range is a really great looking one - the palanquin always struck me as a fantastic centerpiece for any army.

    1. Agreed, a centrepiece model doesn't always have to be huge and toy like (as GW currently seem to think), just give me characterful any day!

  2. The ogre captain popped up on my list too. Great call on that minotaur - I love the Blanche (con)version. Nice to see a Qiao Zhong painted piece pop up too (chaosette) - I did the same with moon-face. One of my favourite painters, full-stop.

    1. Can't wait to get my hands on the remaining models and get some paint on them... Good call with old moon face, one of my favourites too, but it was a tough call and I had to be harsh to whittle it down.

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    1. I think I've added the right gadget now, I'm not too savvy with all this though yet!