Monday, 9 February 2015

A game of family Heroquest

Here's the backstory I used to engage my daughters into their first game of Heroquest, where they are the heroes using models of themselves!:

 The girls were asked by their teacher, Mrs Woods, to stay behind after school to help tidy up the classroom. It was a mess. They started on the bookcase, where eldest daughter began arranging the books in alphabetical order. As she was dusting some of them off, she uncovered a red, leather bound tome that seemed somewhat older than the rest. It also seemed warmer to the touch. As she started leafing through a small wand dropped out of the pages, it was then that she realised that it must be a spell book! She shouted out to her sister who was pretending to tidy up, and straight away she wanted the spell book which led to much bickering.

 [You can tell that this is based a lot on reality!]

The youngest girl went into a strop in the corner and leant against the classroom wall and as she did so the floor started moving and a hidden trapdoor opened, she must have touched a hidden, secret switch!

The girls did not hesitate in exploring the new staircase down, there was some light down there so it wasn't too scary. As they descended the stairs the trapdoor slammed shut above them, they were trapped and had to find their way out. Yikes!

Here are a few house rules that we had in place:

  • Each character could walk  6 spaces or run 10. If running then no searching of rooms could happen.
  • The spellcaster could cast any spell she wanted, one per turn, on an even roll of a dice. She had to use her imagination in saying the spell and she could not repeat the same spell twice. [for example one goblin was squished, whilst a zombie was magically hung up by it's ankles from the ceiling]
  • The girls could suffer no more than scrapes and scratches (a tally was kept).
  • The stroppy girl could pull a strop once per turn, on an odd roll of the dice, which meant all monsters moved back two spaces.
And here are some pictures of the game as it played out. 

After some exploring youngest daughter decides to leave her older sister to fend for herself against a goblin and two wandering monsters!

With spellcaster in a spot of bother, youngest daughter changes her mind with a huff "If I must, but you have to cast a nice spell on me!" Thumbs up to that!

Teamwork! The two of them soon dispatch the zombies and goblins who leave behind a  jewel in the shape of jelly bean. Spellcaster casts a spell so that there are two, one for her sister too. Nice.
At this point they had a small bicker about who would have which jelly bean, they both wanted the red one. As GM I stepped in and held them behind my back for them to choose blindly. Oldest daughter chose the red one and was quite smug towards her sister about it, but she was a lot less smug when she ate it and discovered it was cinnamon flavour. Ha!

At last some equipment! Ah but there is a spaghetti monster and some dead guys to deal with. Quick have a strop and wander off...!

The final room and the way out is visible. In a great bit of rpging, the spellcasting daughter turns her sister into a giant who stomps on the orcs and the hound. The giant daughter then talks to the minotaur and tells him that the troll is much tastier than them! With the minotaur and troll busy the girls escape up the stairs into the arms of Mrs Woods.

Who doesn't believe a word they say about their adventures!

My two little heroines. showing some attitude after their adventures. Phew, it must be bedtime now, but it was a lot of fun! Next time I'm going to try and get the wife to join in.........

Ps. My youngest daughter really isn't that stroppy, just stubborn and somewhat independent!