Sunday, 1 February 2015

Jes Goodwin Ogre no.4

The classic "Thug Ogre" with his unique pose of hobnailed boot lifted from the heal and his mace swung back ready to swing. I've seen this pose interpreted in many ways; with a fence being flattened, an adversary being squashed being two of many. I haven't added anything to the dialogue of the model's pose, but have added some bags of loot on the base, with gold coins cascading into the grass - I see this fellow as guarding a recent hoard of gold coins:

I went for a green pallette to offset a slightly red skin and the orange of the rust areas, and in this case decided against any patterns, just focusing on the colour choices.
You can see the bags and coins a bit clearer here:

And the four of them together, which means I can also cross another entry from my LatD retinue table challenge off the list: D4 ogres done!

But fear not these Ogres are not finished, I have two more ogres to add, the first will be the mercanary contingent commander:

Followed by this shaman who has been converted into the contingent's standard bearer:

Many thanks for looking!

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