Monday, 30 March 2015

Blood Bowl : Dwarf Referee

BOYL 2015 is fast approaching and I'd like to get involved in the Oldhammer Bloodbowl games there ( ; which of course means I'll need to bring a painted team. Well in my usual roundabout style, I decided to paint a Dwarf Referee rather than actually any of my Orcs. But the Orcs do need someone to keep them in line when they enter the fray. And who more so than Axe Jorggsson:

Axe Jorggsson (yes that "Axe Jorggsson" he who led a warband of trolls and ogres into the black mountains to battle and eventually banish tribes of Night Goblins), is now retired and taking it easy refereeing at major BloodBowl tournaments. Hero or Villain? Well just ask Eldric Sidewinder and Morg N Thorg from the recent AllStars Cup game. During a melee, Morg N Thorg committed a clear foul on the prone elf and was immediately sent off by Axe (Morg thought twice about arguing with the tough dwarf) even though he obviously saw the bearded ref as the villain for preventing a clear ko opportunity. Eldric, happy to retain his good looks, now has a grudging respect for the tough Dwarf. Well, as much as an elf can. 

Anyone else care to argue if it's the end of the game?

And here's the Orc team that I will be finishing up over the coming months, ready for August's Oldhammer Day; lots to do:

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