Sunday, 8 March 2015

Jes Goodwin Ogre No.6 - Mercanary Commander

A little later than I hoped, but here he is, my pink trousered Mercanry Commander; Morguutt the Splendid:

As you can tell from the following photos, I really went for a colourful palette (which is not my usual style of keeping the colour choices quite limited), but I wanted him to look resplendent in his finery, to show his relative wealth and status as a Mercanary Commander:

Clashing colours and checks too! I'm particularly happy with the skin tone on this one and how the pink strides came out. I imagined I was using colours straight from the Monster Paint Set.

Note the brass etched foliage to his right, the first time I have used this and pretty happy with it. I'm still not too sure what those orange bits are; tassles, hair, ear ornaments?

Quite an intimidating camera angle..

Check out all the checks.

So as you can tell from all the photos, I'm really happy with how he came out and I also feel that I've actually managed to take some decent photos to do my painting justice for a change. I'll post up the entire mercanary contingent later, as it is now all completed. Woop! My first finished 3rd edition unit!

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