Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Lost and the Damned warband

As the Oldhammer movement (and all that it stands for) grows, it was only a matter of time until I found a local, like-minded enthusiast. And so it happens that Justin from the Masterwork Guild blog got it contact to say he only lives a short drive from Farnborough, where I reside. So after a few emails we have decided to meet up for an evening over the next few weeks (depending upon the date of my house move) to play some RoC and have a geeky look at our Oldhammer miniatures; I can't wait.

So we decided to roll up a RoC warband each and then perhaps play a few narrative based games with them. In an ideal world I would have rolled up my warband and then gone about sculpting/converting/painting the models to match the Champion, his retinue and their various chaos attributes, but that for now is not realistic task for me. So for my Champion I decided to use one of my completed models and then apply his attributes based on the appearance of the model.

Introducing my Champion, a level 5 human; Istan Nnarth:

He has the Mark of Nurgle (+1 T), Huge Head (+1 FP) and I then rolled Involuntary Temporal Instability. For his equipment he has an axe, shield and light armour.

We agreed that our champions would have two rolls on the retinue table and I rolled a 63 for 2 Chaos Cultists:

These two are led by a Chaos Warrior, who should be given two Chaos Attributes, in this case Manic Fighter and Fear of Blood!:

The second roll saw me roll a 24 for 5 Beastmen of Nurgle: 

So here's the entire Nurgle warband, ready for action in about a fortnight's time:

I can't wait to play and meet Justin - I'll share some photos of the clash here.

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