Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Retinue table: D6 Human Runaways

These 6 fine fellows really take me back. I've stated elsewhere that my very first "army" back in 3rd edition times was Orcs and Goblins, but my second army towards the end of 3rd was Brettonian. I bought them from a friend over several Saturday's worth of payments and received a battered plastic tool box full of mostly unpainted, old Brettonian models. Including these guys. So by my estimation there's been a 23 year gap between painting (terribly) the original Citadel ones (Perry Twins sculpts?) and these which are actually Foundry casts from the same moulds I believe.

For me the nostalgia and character of these figures helps me ignore some of the rougher sculpting, especially on some of the faces - far left has a large bulging eye and a very square head for example. Perhaps this adds to their character though:

With regards painting these, I went for a very limited palette, just Codex grey (which has started to dry out in the pot) and Snakebite leather (which is still going strong) with a touch of Dark Flesh (drying out) for a spot colour. This was to make them look rag-tag with no rich colours present; yet at the same time still retain a unified look. The skin was done with my usual Reikland Fleshwash (mixed with a little fairy liquid) over a white undercoat. Several glazes of this and some Baal Red for the ruddier complexions.

The Lost and the Damned states that these 6 Runaways are "looking for a new life serving Chaos", so I imagine them as very lowly militia who have unsuccessfully tried turning their hands to being mercenaries and/or bandits. Poorly equipped and trained, tired of being at the bottom of the hierarchy and thrown into wars by their lords; wars that have little meaning or purpose to them; these six fled their townships and the threat of further militia recruitment and sought out a new life and path, yes the path of a follower of Chaos. 

It's only the character holding the club and the mustachioed veteran that appear to have any clout here, I'm not sure how successful followers they will be for their new Chaos Champion, perhaps a few Chaos Attributes may improve their potential....

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