Saturday, 14 November 2015

Dungeon Tiles: Throne Room

I've finished another dungeon tile, this one being the ruined throne room. I've gone big for this one as I wanted to add some additional detail in the shape of an old, fraying red carpet, the pillars, the throne itself and a side store room with barrels. It's made with the same materials and techniques as my other tiles, here's the tutorial if you're interested::

Down closer to eye level to get a bit more in there with the adventurers. You can see the size of this tile here, plenty of room for an ambush of lots of monsters or a place to meet some npc's? Wish I'd put some more thought into a backdrop rather than the lid of the big H&M box that they're housed in. A cool backdrop would have added some extra ambiance.

The adventuring party tentatively close in on the throne, checking traps under the red carpet and potential threats from behind the pillars. 

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The red carpet is created from some medium weight cartridge paper that was moistened, frayed and painted with a range of pale reds -  and then even paler down the center to show where the footfall had mostly been. A faded gold trim was also added. Mud was added with a variety of brown washes and some Tamiya Mud Weathering Stick. When dry the entire red carpet was then dipped into dilute pva and then folded back on itself a few times to make it look like it had been ruffled up over the floor over the years:

The pillars are some cake decorations that I snared from ebay, one of which was hacked apart and the middle filled with foam and sand to look like rubble. They were undercoated black and then drybrushed with successively lighter greys before washes of green and brown were added to create a weathered appearance:

The barrels are from the dungeon scenery range at Dark Art Studios:

The throne itself is based upon Ian McCaig's illustration from Fighting Fantasy: Deathtrap Dungeon, you can see more on it's construction and painting here

I love this illustration so much that I've had to include it again.

Hope you like it!