Friday, 20 November 2015

The often spotted winged minotaur

I don't know why Minotaurs are so prone to grow wings in the Realms of Chaos. Perhaps it's because the size of the model fits well with the size of model wings that are available, or perhaps because their bestial nature lends itself well to the idea, or perhaps we've all been subliminally affected by Dale Hurst's wonderful Tzeentch warband that was showcased back in a White Dwarf many years ago. Anyway, I seem to have seen a lot of them and thought it was high time that I added something to this exclusive oeuvre:

It was the wings themselves that caused some problems at the painting stage; I wasn't sure how to proceed, so after some discussion on the Oldhammer Facebook group, I decided to explore the idea of pale blue wings, as per the body colour, but with darker blue tips, like this photo of a Heron which I used for inspiration:

Thank you to whoever it was on the Oldhammer Facebok page that suggested this colour scheme, it worked out really well and ties in with the colours used on the torso. We are very lucky to have such a great, creative and supportive community. I had to glaze quite a few layers of blues and greys with a few delicate drybrushed hightlights for it to work, but I'm really happy with the outcome. Not sure he looks particularly Nurglesque, but I can deal with that.

Originally I had the plan to add zebra stripes, as Dale Hurst did so successfully in his iconic warband:

But I found that with all the straps on his arms etc, that it would look way too busy. And because I remembered that I have done this to a minotaur before anyway:

I've got a few more Minotaurs to convert and paint, so as to create the D4 quantity which I could potentially roll up on the retinue table. I'm looking forward to making them appear more in the guise of Nurgle though..