Thursday, 5 May 2016

Helsreach Mercenaries: Saffron and Mal (lovers and fighters)

Saffron and Mal. Sometime lovers, always fighters, these two have history and reputation. Mal was a one time famous smuggler and captain of his own ship, now desperately trying to raise funds, through mercenary activities, to buy a new ship and hire a new crew, ultimately trying to recapture his halcyon days. Those days were in decline as soon as he met Saffron, the swindler, the con-artist. When she entered his life, he (understandably) let his guard down as she used all of her cunning, training and charms to disarm the rogue and take from him as he took from others. Slowly but steadily his steadfast power as leader of the crew diminished as her hold over him increased. He became obsessed by the challenge she presented.

As his attentions became more and more focused on her and the challenges she bought to his authority and self-restraint, his motley crew grew uneasy without Mal's strong leadership. His distraction caused several missions to go wrong, endangering the crew and limiting what was being pocketed. It was not long before they mutinied and stole his ship and cargo in embarrassingly easy circumstances, discarding the two squabbling lovers and fighters in a far flung corner of the system that became known to them as Helsreach.

Stranded with just their clothes and some basic weapons, both soon realising that they could actually work together quite effectively, rather than in opposition. Exploring the area and surviving by whatever means possible (always at the expense of others) they eventually overstepped into the domain and dealings of the notorious local crime lord, Adelei Niska. Realising their skills and potential to serve him, he hired them to complete a series of dirty missions, which they completed with great success. The loot they've taken from these jobs and the payments they've received means they are getting closer to be able to buy that new ship, maybe just one more big job would do it..... or maybe they can double-cross their employer....

Both of these figures are from the Foundry "Gangers" range which I picked up from last years BOYL. I think they've got some real character in the sculpts; mean and grizzled, proper versatile veterans of a post-apocalyptic world. You can see the use of MIG pigment dust a bit more clearly on this picture, it's really helped me create this barren and dry landscape that will be the setting for my 40k gangs.

I took a punt on their outfits, Mal had this mesh design sculpted over his torso, which I decided should become a string vest underneath his long leather jacket. With Saffron, I wanted a splash of colour in this drab world, so she got some pink dyed hair, a pale blue cowboy hat and a Batman t-shirt (this was inspired by an illustration in the Logan's World section of the Rogue Trader rulebook, where a Squat is wearing the same logo).

And here are Saffron and Mal hooking up (slightly reluctantly) with Psycho Sam preparing for a new, paid mission. But they need some more crew and are currently looking out for a few more comrades and a car....

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