Monday, 11 July 2016

A rat chase through some new dungeon tiles

I just had to make a few more dungeon tiles, as I had a fair few ideas ruminating in my mind's eye, derived from other's modeller's work and some I remember from Warhammer Quest and other dungeon explorer maps. And some of my own ideas too. So revisiting my insulation foam process for the tiles and my magnetised, modular wall design, I set off to complete my oeuvre of dungeon tiles. I thought about how best to present them here on this blog and decided to have a little run though of my attempts with an npc and a rat:

A simple corridor with steps leading down into the dungeon. Run from that rat!

Running around the corridor's corner, the rat gets a little closer.

Into a more sandy corridor, with mining track. The rat is slightly distracted by a small hole in the wall. 

Our hero creates some distance between himself and the furry one as he runs through a hot, lava room. How did he get in?

The  lighting changes, must be something to do with the summoning star in the middle of the room.

He had to run in and run out of this room, running up to the bars and back again, the rat in hot pursuit, He still admired the different coloured tiles and simple patterns. 

The light floods in and washes out the subtleties of the blue coloured tiles. I bet those patterns took a long time to do, thinks our gallant npc as he runs through what appears to be a newly made archway.

Hmm, I think I've seen this archway before, he ponders before he screams like a girl and runs away with his hands in the air. There's a raaaat in the kitchen.

Across a rickety bridge spanning some slimy sewage. The rat contemplates jumping in...

Interesting. Am I in a swamp or a dungeon room. It almost looks like it used to be a forest.... The rat looks knackered and falls back. A quick swim in a sceptic pool sees him a bit invigorated.

A skiddy marble floor sees our hero slip and slide as the rat regains momentum.

And up some stairs. Yikes, they're broken, jump over the rat and back down...

Shit after all that, a dead end!

Some pretty shitty photos of my new dungeon tiles, but it was a bit of fun having them chase through all the new sections and walls. Here's the new lot in one shot, I think you can see the painting and detail much clearer in this photo:

I need to do some proper nice photoshoots of my stuff, decent lighting, adding details and narratives etc. Well it just so happens that I've finished school and when the kids and wife are out, that's exactly what I'll do. Just need to finish painting up some of this dungeon scenery I've got stashed away...

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