Friday, 26 August 2016

Dungeons and Dollshouses

Continuing my foray into different manufacturers miniatures and scenery; I decided to get some sets of furniture from 4ground, which can be used as furniture for my dungeon tiles, I'm kinda building up a tavern scene in my mind... It's nice to have a few professionally made bits alongside my own scratchbuilt efforts, which are on-going and slightly laborious.

So I purchased a few sets of chairs, tables and stools and spent an evening putting them together. They are of course tiny and quite fiddly, so a pair of tweezers are essential. I found that the application of pva can make the smaller components even more fragile, especially if you use too much, as they moisture in the pva weakens the wood. But once dry they are pretty robust. Of course I had to make the tables a bit more interesting, so I added a chequerboard and card game using small bits of card and candles out of plastic tubing and some little brass whatevers which I found in my garage.

As I was putting these little kits together, it reminded me of when my eldest got her dolls house and the furniture and the correlations between her playing with her toys using her imagination and me doing the same, were not lost on me, in fact it spurred me on to buy some small dolls house rugs which could furnish the floor of my growing tavern scene.

I think I need to break up the blue tiling on this floor by adding another colour within the pattern. Note a few gold coins left on a stool (purely by accident, that fucking glitter gets everywhere)

A birds eye view to show the furniture off and to get a sense of the modularity of the vignette

And how they all look together, without any distractions, when viewed sideways

So next up I'd like to scratchbuild a bar and some large kegs to complete the little diorama, I may have to investigate dolls house furniture in more details for some ideas. I'm certainly thinking of putting a few paintings up and maybe positioning a little plant in the corner...
Of course I already have the relevant npc miniatures, ready to paint, but there's always something else jumping to the front of the queue so that my project ideas can be completed in the "correct order". You see I don't want to paint the miniatures and not have a completed bar/tavern to photograph them in.
I need to get a grip! Right lets look at some dolls houses on pinterest....

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