Thursday, 4 August 2016

NPC Central (and the start of a baggage train).

I'm on a bit of a mission to get a range of npc's ready for my future games, be that Heroquest, Frostgrave, Mordhiem or WFB; I just feel they can add a whole lot of additional interest to a game by adding small side quests or passing on information to a band of adventurers for example. And they increase the visual spectacle/experience. I also harbour the idea of a having a not-so-merry band of mercenaries having an entourage accompany them as they ply their trade across foreign lands. Those mercenaries will need food, entertainment, weapons, baggage etc and of course these trades double up in other fantasy settings where they may be more insitu. The former idea will see them following as part of a baggage train and the latter alongside my dungeon scenery to be found in taverns, castles etc.

To start with I've delved into my old Rensburg Empire Army and cherry-picked the most appropriate figures for this task. I painted these a fair few years ago but never compketed the project as an army (one day, one day) and used some of them at a previous BOYL as part of a scenario driven RoC warbands game. I've painted and added another slave girl and the walking spell on familiar to the mix too:

Amongst this group you can see an executioner (perfect for my dungeon room with scratchbuilt rack on the way), some sorcerers (will be using the Heroquest altar with sacrificial slave girls), a very old Marauder villager woman, a scribe (alchemist?) with hound who could be seen with a bookcase or indeed the alchemists workbench.

To add to this group I decided to steer away from Citadel and explore other ranges, so I've just received some cheap Reaper Bones villagers, some beautifully old school Otherworld Npc's and some very cool looking Tombstone civilians from Black Scorpion Miniatures. Just need some wagons from 4Ground next to complete the baggage train idea.

I'll start painting these up when I return from the excitement of Bring Out Your Lead at the Foindry, Newark this weekend where I'm planning on playing some Coldhammer (Frostgrave/1st edition mash up), Judge Dredd vs zombies, some Advanced Heroquest, Advanced Sapce Crusade and will help GM some RoC warbands games too..