Wednesday, 7 September 2016

An unexpected discovery...

I had just dropped my bike off for a service and had begun the short journey home by foot. Walking past a local charity shop, my meanderings were slowly stopped as in the shop window I saw a load of old Citadel models on display! I actually carried on walking for a few strides until what I had just seen registered in my mind. On closer inspection there was a whole load of old models on display and more in a tatty basket amongst the usual tat on display in such a window; I gazed through that window like I used to as a young boy, peering through the reflections at the models as I did back at GW Reading in the late 80's. I still can't believe my good fortune. But there's a bittersweet element to this, yes I'm happy to have found this hoard, but there is obvious care, skill and humour in the models that once belonged to someone who probably had a similar passion as me for the characterful nature of these old Citadel sculpts. But it was actually the discovery of some milliputted bases and freehand banners that affected me the most - this collection is not just of a kid who had a fleeting involvement in the hobby, these belonged to someone who had obviously been quite immersed and clearly was inspired by White Dwarf and Golden Demon of the time, as some of the painting skills and attention to detail are really very good.

The price for the models was incredibly good and I selected only some of the models on display and the entire basket to buy, because at the time I felt greedy in taking it all, although I may go back today to have another look... The range of models spanned 40k and Fantasy, some of which are as early as 1985 and some of which I believe are quite collectible (Space Slann!) However none of them are useful for any of my many current projects, which led me to a bit of a dilemma. I shared these same photos on the Oldhammer Facebook Trading page to help with some identification, especially with the 40k models which I am not so au fait with and I was slightly overwhelmed with the repsonses in terms of successful identification, value but also collectors who were interested in particular models. My dilemma remains - shall I start up some new projects with some of these, shall I sell them to finance ongoing projects or keep them together to maintain the previous owners oeuvre? I'm still unsure and at any rate I'm in no rush to make up my mind.

I wanted to know a bit more about the provenence of these miniatures so I spoke to the store manager who was working there yesterday and she said that an older lady/mum had given her son's collection to the store only a few days ago. Other than that she knew nothing. She did know that these figures were collectable but had reduced the price as they had been painted so "thickly" - I paid very little for these, it has to be said. Now I just need to contemplate what to do next with them all, but if anyone knows anymore about these, as models or as a collection, I would be very interested.

Some wonderful Chaos Champions. I already own the bottom two and once used to have the bone armour chap.

I think this is a very old GW elf mage, that was accompanied by an apprentice.

Some Lords of Battle and a Citadel Fighter, I believe.

Some Ork Painboyz etc from '89.

A Rogue Trader ratling. He's tiny.

Some elves, including Marauder elves and a couple of wardnacers I think.

Two early Rogue Trader models - loving the milliputted base with cogs and tentacles.

Some Orcs - I'll definitely find a use for these.

A couple of Night Horrors, a gargoyle/demon and a ghoul.

A dwarf adventurer.

The MotherCrushers.

A Barbarian, with a slightly damaged helmet.

A couple of Eldar something or others..

Perry sculpted militia for Bretonians

A blue horror that's been painted pink?

Some Gothic Horror (I think) models that are quite old - '85.

Some very cool snotlings mounted onto a scratchbuilt, milliput base

A carrion (misding it's rider).

There's also 4 Space Slann, which have not uploaded here for some reason, but are probably the rarest out of the collection

And the banners. Someone on Facebook said they recognised the OrcBusters banner, but as you can see these are nicely designed and painted