Monday, 19 December 2016

Citadel Combat Cards: Goblinoids

It was always going to happen; constructing a Warhammer 3rd Edition Orc and Goblin Army, similar to the one I collected as a teenager in the 80's and sold as an adult in the 2000's. Upon my re-introduction to the hobby, I'd started to collect the odd Goblinoid model for my Lost and the Damned Retinue project (Orcs and Goblins) and then this slowly grew to more of a warband and now the next step is to grow it into a full scale army using the same classic models that I once owned.

But to make the collecting aspect more interesting (and more difficult) I recently purchased the Citadel Combat Cards, Goblinoid edition with the aim of collecting those specific greenskins first to add some additional models to the growing horde. Now I'm not one to do things on a total whim, a fair bit of research is always conducted first. An initial scour of eBay gave me hope in that there are a lot of O&G classic models being sold there and for decent prices too. A secondary search for others who may have undertaken a similar task bought me to Fimms BlogSpot where he had actually completed the task in it's entirety (although I'm unsure whether he's painted them all yet). Using his own research I have discovered that some of the Snotlings are very rare, that one Goblin has been heavily converted by Kev Adams and that some of the models have been mirrored when photographed to provide a better fit within the combat card composition.

So rather than collect them all first as he has, I'm going to collect and paint along the way, which will hopefully give me ample time to complete the project (it took him 3 years just to source the minis!). I already have a few of the required models painted up (my rule here is: the model must be the same, but painted and based in my own style to fit in with the previously painted greenskins). So the first three completed models:

And then with their respective cards:

To end this post I should say that I've now got this additional idea that I'll eventually combine my photos with the same combat card template (any suggestions on how to do this easily?) to create my own card system (as the amazing Nico has here for Frostgrave) and finally, if anyone has any of the models from the set, I'd be very interested in buying or trading (especially these pesky, rare Snotlings:

Image result for rare snotling combat cards

Image result for snotling fungus brave

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