Friday, 30 December 2016

Dungeon scenery part 3.

After re-vamping some old heroquest furniture and buying some lovely Grendel Scotia stuff, I decided to make some of my own dungeon scenery. Now this thought happened many months ago and I began experimenting with the possibilities of using some scraps of extruded polystyrene in conjunction with some coffee stirrers for a cheap, scratchbuilt alternative. The gaps in my collection (and what I need for gaming purposes) showed that bookcases and instruments of torture were required! So with these materials and my box of bits I went about making bookcases and a torturers rack.

That was quite a few months ago and the little project stalled at the made stage and other ideas and projects leapfrogged their way to the front of the queue. So, with me recently deciding upon a New Years resolution of "finishing jobs before others are started"  (and this includes DIY and work projects), I decided to start this process at the end of December, so these three pieces were completed last night at the paint station:

The extruded styrofoam was not great to work on such a small scale for the books, greenstuff would have been better, and the poor quality finish wasn't helped by me not properly coating the foam in dilute pva prior to priming; this created a slightly pick-marked surface. The scrolls are just scraps of thick paper rolled up and stiffened in pva. The coffee stirrers are great though and have been added to my scratchbuilding kit. Here's a Wip of the bookcases:

I forgot to do the same for the rack, but it is made from the same materials with the additions of some small plastic shields for the turning device and some plastic bits from my box to decorate. Everything was primed brown and drybrushed, washed and glazed with some greens and yellows to create a wood like affect and then some dry pigment applied to create a dusty appearance on the bookcase. Some Tamiya  clear red was mixed with uhu glue to create some stringy blood on the rack.

Right, now to paint some of my backlog of miniatures that may accompany these pieces and act as ncp's for future games...