Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Modelling Workshop 2; Ruined Temple (White Dwarf 135)

Following on from making my Townhouse, I moved onto making the ruined temple from White Dwarf 135. I used exactly the same materials and techniques from the article, namely foamboard, balsa wood, Polyfilla, mount board, sand, pva and some cake decoration columns.

The only real changes I made were with the addition of black and white checks on the interior floor tiles of the temple and by painting the trim a pale blue.

The great thing about this piece of scenery (apart from being quite quick and easy to make) is that it can be used in a variety of settings, from Frostgrave, to Heroquest and of course a WFB game too:

Nicodemus summoning a zombie in the ruins of the temple 
Some quite extensive weathering helped break up the cream of the walls and add a little colour interest.

I probably should have filled in the hollow top section of the columns.

A few close ups of the weathering, rubble and detailing.

To create the frame of the window I just used the edge of a plastic yoghurt pot.