Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Making ruins from a strawberry box

Yep, following on from my ruined temple, I made this burnt-out ruined building:

From this strawberry box which I salvaged just before it was about to be thrown. 

Made from a sturdy MDF, I reinforced the joins with some pva, cut a few of the walls down with a hacksaw to make a less symmetrical shape and then added some details with a combination of extruded polystyrene, coffee stirrers, match sticks, balsa wood, polyfilla and sand:

The whole thing was undercoated with grey aerosol primer, washed with a watered down, dark grey acrylic house paint, highlighted up with drybrushed lighter greys (a range of sample pots I had from B&Q) and then areas sprayed again with black aerosol (to make a burnt look where the wooden areas were) and then weathered with a range of greens, ochres and browns:

Finally some scatter material (leaves and bits of moss were added) and then some posters were pva'd onto the walls. 

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