Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Modular Terrain Board 1

Having planned 9 modular tiles, I've finally finished the first one! It didn't actually take too long (apart from all the engraving, but I worked on small sections at a time) but I've been busy with lots of other things and had to let my hobby projects fit in around them. The engraving was time consuming but the construction and painting were super quick. I haven't taken step by step photos of this tile, largely because I was solving problems as I went along, but I will for the next tile (which is already underway), so expect a tutorial soonish..

So here is the finished tile, the scenery at the back can be removed for storage purposes, or if I just want to re-position it:

Here are a few WIP shots so you can see the basic construct prior to painting:

And finally some shots of the tile populated with some of my scenery and a few miniatures for interest:

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