Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Minotaur Lord 2

Following on from my last Minotaur Lord which featured some heavy converting, mostly for fun; this minotaur needed converting out of necessity - it was missing an arm and the torso had seemingly been welded to the legs. The original pose has always struck me as a little odd too so some re-positioning also occurred. And this is what I ended up with:

It started out like this. Arm and weapon missing and unsightly welding around the belly:

Now of course I forgot to take wip photos of the changes, so you'll have to imagine my processes. 

  • He was cut across the midriff and re-positioned at a nice angle
  • A plastic Orc axe was added to his right hand.
  • A tentacle was made from wire and greenstuff for his left arm and then a Genestealer claw behind this.
  • Loads of greenstuff  was applied to create a much more rounded belly and additional hair was then sculpted over this

And then he was painted. I hadn't painted very much with black so I had a go at trying to use as many dark tones as possible, using greys and blues to highlight with. It made a nice change from using my usual pastel colours:

Next up I'll be recreating one of my favourite Minotaur paint jobs from an old White Dwarf..