Monday, 31 July 2017

The Minotaur Lord of Lords

My final minotaur from the Citadel Minotaur Lords range is the mutated beast with dragon claw, skull head and, bizarrely, an old leather boot on one foot. It's a decent pose but again I felt the neck was too short, so extended it slightly and greenstuffed some fur on his new neck. Here he is with his little nurglings friend giving us the (dirty) moon:

The paint scheme was inspired by the wonderful brushwork of Don Hans, who uses vivid bright colours in multiple glazes to get a glowing paint scheme. I went for a range of yellow and orange glazes on the skin, highlighted up and then glazed again. I shaded with some cool blues and used a turquoise glaze for the dragon claw and some of the deeper recesses of skin. Here are some examples of his work:

I didn't even get close to hhim a vibrancy of colour but I'' still pretty happy with the results. I'll need to do some experiments with some oil washes next to try and achieve this richness and depth of colour.

I'll post some group shots of the minotaurs next...