Monday, 7 August 2017

Mutant Ork Scavenger

The Empirium of Rogue Dreams Facebook group are having a "Beware Mutants" conversion competition and I felt it was high time that I had a go at making a sci-fi / 40k conversion, having never done so before. My BitzBox is heaving with fantasy stuff, but very little in the way of futuristic, although this Ork head has been in there for years and has been looked over for years too. So with the head and torso identified I then scavenged around for some legs. I looked  at the Rogue Trader mutation chart on p.53 and liked the idea of a long limbed scavenger and found some (either bloodletter or kroot) legs that worked well with the torso in a mock up. The kroot rifle worked well to help add to the idea of a feral scavenger and then to add to this theme I added an ogre's bag to his back. I had to sculpt one arm and around all the the joins to make it work. Finally I thought that if this ork was a successful scavenger then maybe he'd have a bit of low quality tech with him, hence the bot accompanying on his forays (just a bit from a tau sprue).

Here are the Wips:

It's quite satisfying that my scavenging around a BitzBox is akin to what my conversion does as a living in the underhive. I'be become quite good at spotting an appropriate bit for my conversions. He's learnt from me.