Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Retinue table challenge - 4 Minotaurs

Continuing my nearly complete series on collecting all the possibilities of rolling a Chaos Warband retinue from The Lost and the Damned, I present 4 Minotaurs:

They don't rank up too well but there's another 2 from the Citadel Minotaur Lord range which will be added to these to make a unit of 6, and as a complete collection they all rank up just about fine.

So I just have 8 skaven currently sitting on my painting desk to go to complete this challenge and then I can take a much anticipated (by me at any rate) photograph of them all together.

Slowly, by following this path, my small collection of models is gradually becoming a chaos allied force and on it's way to becoming a full blown, 3rd Edition Warhammer Army..