Monday, 25 September 2017

Chaos Allied Contingent Commander

As I embark on a huge painting marathon, I decided to break the load into more manageable portions. I''m starting with a Chaos Allies Contingent from Warhammer Armies 3rd Edition and the first models to be introduced to the brush and paint are a Contingent Commander and his familiar.

The contingent will be made up of Minotaurs, Chaos Dwarfs and Centaurs, so the book stipulates that only a Chaos Sorcerer can lead such an eclectic band of races.  Now I love the little illustrations in the Warhammer Armies book so I decided to use the illustration for the Sorcerer as inspiration and procured the necessary models to recreate it.

Here's my attempt using the Prisma app to try and transform and replicate the style of the illustration from the photograph of my completed Commander and Familiar:

And in colour:

And the original illustration: