Monday, 18 September 2017

Very Lost and very Damned

Having just completed a major project in my Retinue Table Challenge, I now feel a bit lost as to where to begin with my next, even larger hobby project. At the same time I feel somewhat damned by a whole load of projects that I have already started...

So, focusing on just my Fantasy projects (the sci-fi/40k stuff is much smaller in scope and can be worked on in-between the bigger concepts), I decided to get out all my models that are ready for painting to see where I want to go next. It's a bit overwhelming...

My Lost and Damned Army and all it's Allies:

Some close-ups:

And to break it down into more manageable targets, this next set of photos is just purely the Lost and the Damned Nurgle Army:

And this next set is a Chaos Allied force from Warhammer Armies (seeing as how the Lost and the Damned Army list does not allow for Minotaurs, Chaos Dwarves or Centaurs):

Whilst it was fun to get all my models out and put them together to see them ranked up, it does present me with a real challenge in terms of getting them all painted during my life-time. You'll notice a fair few gaps within units and this is generally where incomplete conversions will sit. There's also some much larger models to add - a Giant,  a dragon and a GUO. 

I'd better get cracking...

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