Monday, 13 November 2017


I want to add some detail to my fantasy settings; I've been working hard on the large scenery (boards and houses) but want to add that extra layer of interest with some additional detail, either as a backdrop for narrative games or indeed for interaction between player and scenery.

So over the past few years(!) I've collected and made a sample of such scenery and last night I finished painting some:

These two bookcases (perfect for Frostgrave or for furnishing a dungeon or interior) are from the Reaper Bones line. I primed them grey (forgetting, out of habit) that you don't have to and then used lots of drybrushes and washes.

Anyone recognise the green spines of the collection on the left?

These two below are metal pieces from Midlam Miniatures. I needed an anvil for my in progress forge and the door will be useful in dungeon games and for a tavern interior I have planned

And finally a scratchbuilt fountain:

Made from (bottom to top) a mayonnaise lid, a fruit shoot lid, a felt tip lid and a couple of plastic horses heads. It was all primed, given a coat of the GW texture paint; Astrogranite and then highlighted up and washed down with dilute greens and browns  The water is an experiment with using Woodlands Scenic water for the still water and Vallejo water effects for the moving water. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out, even though it was a fiddly affair.

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