Monday, 27 November 2017

Black Scorpion Miniatures NPCs

I've been building a fair bit of fantasy scenery recently and I always feel that the buildings are missing something until they have miniatures added to them. The buildings provide a context for a narrative, but the models will create it and of course the most common way for a story to unfold is when a battle or skirmish unfolds amongst the scenery; the fighters going for it against the backdrop of a battlefield. But I also like to include a few npc's in there too, either mixed up with the fighting, or setting a scene before a skirmish or adventure starts.

So I did a bit of shopping and found these lovely npc characters from Black Scorpion Miniatures Tombsone civilian range. I was most keen on the barkeep, patron and blacksmith to populate my (nearly complete) coaching inn and forge, but the doctor character may also provide some ideas for a future project..

They are gorgeous resin sculpts and a real pleasure to paint. I painted the blacksmith and the barkeep first, both with deliberately drab colours and then switched up my paint palette to some more vibrant colours for the patron and the doctor:

I'm now plotting an-depth photo shoot. Be patient...