Thursday, 7 December 2017

A Plague Cart for Deadcember

I converted this Plague Cart up quite a while ago and as we have entered the month of Deadcember, I thought it a perfect opportunity to paint it up. It will eventually feature in my Lost and the Damned Army as the Nurgle list offers an opportunity to have one for free (!) and it will accompany my unit of zombies and help their instability tests.

The old Citadel sculpt it great, however you'll notice a few changes and additions to my version. The sculpt of the original rider was a bit too squat and comic like for my tastes, so instead I plumped for a a more sinister Nurgle champion. He himself was given a plastic gong and bells from a Skaven kit (with all the iconography scraped off) to add [silent] sound to his impending arrival and I bent his feet a bit so that they looked as if they were gripping the shaft of the wagon.

You'll also note the addition of a Plague Doctor who had a greenstuffed mask applied over his face. This is also a contemporary Citadel from the Fighter range I believe (a thief if I recollect).

You'll also note a few additions to the skeleton pile - the original piece looked a bit scant so I added a few skulls and an additional skeleton almost falling off the back for a bit of dynamism and movement to the overall effect. His slightly pained pose looked perfect for this.

In terms of the painting I challenged myself to go for a monochromatic palette. I wanted to avoid the obvious inclusion of a spot colour of, for example, glowing eyes in exchange for a more ghostly approach to the ethereal colour scheme. I wanted this to contrast with the dark, solid plague doctor and the colour coming from the basing. This was achieved by priming white, washing with a dilute Nuln Oil, then highlighting with small amount of Nuln Oil and white in increasing quantities and then re-washing with a very dilute Nuln Oil.

The cotton wool mist effect was something I have wanted to experiment with for a while and after long consideration decided to apply it very finely here. I think it adds rather than detracts from the model; although of course, as always, I'm intrigued to hear your opinions. Overall I'm pretty happy with this model though!

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