Friday, 5 January 2018

Housing my scenery collection

I’ve found a quiet, unused part of the house where I can let my geek run wild and I can set up my little soldiers and their houses - the corner of the attic.

It actually works pretty well because it’s a nice long space and I’m out of the way up here. I’ve installed some decent lighting and then set about creating a very low table. The only problem is it’s too easy to smack my head on the beams, so I may need to invest in some foam to put on these.  It didn’t take very long to make and now I can set up my scenery on the table rather than having to store it in boxes under the bed (vying for space with my wife's paraphernalia).

It’s not a perfect space for gaming (but I rarely do this anyway) because of the cramped space, but it’s easy enough to bring it all downstairs if needs be. So for now this will really just be a place for me to collect and set up my scenery and take some photos of my completed models as I go. 

Some MDf was laid out and given some support using the beams that were already along the floor and some extra legs at each end. I was then able to lay down my green cloth and stretch it out. 

The intent is to have my modular gaming boards on one side, have a wall/gate around them so that they can link up the surrounding green fields and hide the obvious step between cobble and green grass. At least another four of those modular boards to go...

From left to right in the photos you can see the modular boards and a couple of White Dwarf town houses as well as the Modelling Workshop ruined temple in the background:

Some of my trees mounted onto Cd's,the White Dwarf Barn, a converted Superplay castle, a church and in the foreground my recent Coaching Inn and Stables:

And finally, in the top right corner; my entrance to the Warlock of Firetop Mountain, a masoleum (with space between that and the church for a graveyard to be made at a later date), a river, a cottage and a tower.

Happy New Year to you all!