Friday, 2 November 2018

The “Blotted” vs Undead - a Halloween photoshoot!

Rasham’s Forgotten Bandits (aka “The Blotted”) could hardly refuse the purse on offer from Lord Lardars, especially for such a straightforward mission. A dark prowler in the local Cemetrary was rumoured to have scared off some kids who were playing hide and seek amongst the old tombstones and when the dads went to investigate, they easily frightened off the old, bearded codger. However one of the children is still missing and the local soldiers can find not trace of him or the old man. Rumours start spreading and soon the graveyard and church are the scene for numerous tall stories, witch hunts and unsubstantiated spooky happenings. Soon, even with no evidence to the contrary everyone is avoiding the site and this is when Rasham gets wind of the story whilst passing through the town and having an ale at the Spotted Dog. After some investigations he surmises that this will be easy money; stake out the cemetery, catch an old fella and if necessary force him into a confession into killing the kid, regardless of guilt. Get the money and the backslaps and quickly move on..

After two nights, Wilf his crossbowman (and the only one of his crew not completely smashed on ale) sees the tall, old bearded man dithering through the cemetery and calls his brothers to arms. They approach with little caution, embolden by the booze and confident in capturing the man and their reward. And then....

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