Monday, 10 December 2018

Star Wars: Mos Eisley Scratchbuilt Scenery

Having painted up Greedo in his traditional colours, I quickly set off to pursue my favoured aspect of the hobby; scratch-built scenery.

I didn't need to do much image research to find inspiration on the Internet as the films settings are ingrained in my memory, but a bit of a refresher of re-watching the movies over the wet weekend with my kids didn't hurt. Re-visiting A New Hope set my mind on recreating some buildings from Mos Eisley on Tattoine as I particularly like the desert setting, the combination of rectangular and spherical shaped buildings and of course it being a "wretched hive of scum and villainy". And where Greedo hangs out.

I used a combination of foamcard, polystyrene balls, yoghurt pots and some resin doors and accessories that I picked up years ago:

Here you can see me experimenting with some self-cracking paint to create a weathered look on this door.

The second one, of course, was more successful!

Here he is to show the scale

And a few WIP shots to show you the build. I haven't got around to painting up the tall generator yet.

A small tip for maintaining a rectangular shape whilst the gluing of the 4 walls dry:

And using my trusty circular cutter for those awkward archways:

Next up, some generators made up pretty much entirely of recycled materials...

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