Monday, 10 June 2019

Yaztromo's Wizard Tower (scratch-built)

I've finally finished painting my scratch-built, trash bash wizard's tower! It's loosely based upon the illustrations of Fighting Fantasy's Yaztromo's tower with a bit of the Citadel logo tower thrown in, but most of the design was created by the objects I chose to make this from; a plastic drinks bottle, cardboard tubing and a water filter for the main structure. The base is made from expanding foam, carved, and a polystyrene skull and the details on the tower are a combination of resin windows, polystyrene bricks, mortar of polyfilla and wire, balsa wood etc for the vines and beams. Here's the painted model:

I deliberately wanted to keep it all quite dark, so a grey primer was applied and then lots dark washes followed by lots of drybrushing for the highlights. These were then glazed over, with ochres for the tower and browns for the rocks so that the two elements were slightly distinct. Lots of weathering with green glazes were then applied.

Here's Yaztromo himself stepping out of his tower into the dark forest.

Some detail shots. Here you can see a bit of yellow stippling to create a mossy look to the bricks, as well as the vines, gargoyle and window:

The small observatory (made from a fairy light and a straw)

A side view of the room that sticks out:

Including the magical orb:

From another angle showing the telescope and balcony:

Clsoe up:

The orb is quite simply a ping-pong ball, primed and wet-in -wet greens applied. White paint splattered over the top:

And some WIP shots so you can see the processes of the build:

I filled the bottle with expanding foam to make it sturdier

Unfortunately I forgot to take any more photos of the painting process, once I get going I try and paint scenery in one, uninterrupted, sitting!


  1. Mate that looks brilliant.

    I love the old skool, DIY vibe.

    1. Cheers dude, it was fun to make out of old junk

  2. That's so absolutely fantastic and creative. I love it all!

    1. Cheers Suber, I had a blast making it. I'm currently doing some sci-fi trash-bashing which I think is easier than fantasy!

  3. Hell yeah!! Masterclass work! What a dark and grimm one!

  4. Sweet! Working with greys and blacks is also much quicker to paint with!

  5. Marvelous looking Tower, that's some amazing skills you got.
    Absolutely brilliant!

  6. Brilliant! Love everything about this. I have fond memories of The Forest of Doom, and seeing Yaztromo's tower come to life brought back memories. I need to do more crafting like this!

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