Friday, 24 May 2019

A quick scratch-built telescope

After some really useful feedback on my last post regarding the wip Wizard's Tower, I decided to add some extras; a balcony, some sand texture in between some of the more gaping gaps of bricks and a telescope. Kudos if you can work out what I've used for the telescope:

Yep! That's three different pen ends glued into each other, a pin tack for the lens, part of the felt from a felt tip pen, a ferrule from a crappy Citadel brush, a square of balsa wood and some cogs from a dismantled watch. Voila!

And here it is in-situ on the balcony:

To do: a floating orb at the top (ping pong ball), a chimney from the white fairy light (bendy straw), some thick vines creeping up the outside (twisted wire and modroc) and a greenstuffed/bitzboxed emblem on the flat plinth and then I can start painting...


  1. That's clever! I love it!

  2. Great addition, I didn't think the Tower needed it until I saw it attached.
    Very clever scratchbuild telescope.

  3. Awesome. This really adds a ton of atmosphere to an already lovely piece of scenery. I really dig the fantasy vibe coming from this tower. Is it gaming pieces or tips of crayons?

  4. Very good! Really enjoying the blog.

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