Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Ebay Adventures

I definitely spend more time than money on ebay (thankfully I don't win everything I bid on) and most of my small amount of purchases over the years are impulsive, ie a bargain or just something that I vaguely want to have in my collection. Sometimes this is a model that i once owned and then sold many years ago, or more often a miniature that I coveted from my youth. Often this is a model I saw in the pages of White Dwarf from an 'Eavy Metal article or painted for Golden Demon or of course showcased in the Realm of Chaos books or Warhammer Armies book.

I've never spent a good chunk of money in one go, until last week.... There are two miniatures which I have never owned and which I have always wanted, so I stopped making any small purchases and saved some money up to splash out on these two miniatures, both of which I knew from watching ebay would not go for a bargain (although one went for a lot less than I was expecting.

Here they are safely delivered and unpacked:

Yes the Marauder Giant and the Great Spined Dragon!! Both were won in auctions during the same week, oh how my nerves were frayed during those last few countdown minutes on ebay, would someone snipe me? No!

So the Marauder giant is missing his sword, but that does not bother me a great deal. He cost me £21 and I feel 15 again! I'm planning a paintscheme in homage to Paul Robins 1991 Golden Demon winning entry with the ripped leggings:

The Great Spined Dragon seems in pristine condition (I can't help but worry that it's a recast, but it seems not my untrained eye) and is a model that I have been pining for for some time. He cost me £57 which I think is a bargain (the missus wouldn't) and I get the impression the seller was disappointed with the final total as he did not respond to any of my communication... Anyway I plan to do a slightly less plague like, but still slightly "tatty" version of the model below (sans the rider).

I doubt either paintjob will happen in the near future as they join a quite lengthy paint queue, but for now I'm just so happy to have both models in my collection, at last.